Driving Range Renovation

We started the renovation of the DR Tuesday, August 17th, which we are marking as Day 1.The thatch layer  (undecomposed plant material) measures to a depth of between 4 to 6 inches throughout the driving range floor, and has to be removed before starting grading of the DR.

The thick thatch layer is also the main factor as to why the DR is very wet and is unplayable at certain times of the year due to the high moisture content.

The DR tee has the same thatch layer issue, which some of you would have noticed when hitting balls (very wet).

 We are making great progress with the DR renovation with 2/3 of the thatch stripped away. A large part of the speed at which we are moving is credited to Jack our head shaper (drives the Dozer/Bull Dozer). Jack has decades of experience under his belt and has worked with a number of the top golf architects over the years. Fortunately we were able to secure Jack through our golf course architect James Cervone who last worked with Jack in the Far East almost 6 years ago.

We currently only have a small section of thick thatch left to be removed, which should be completed by Saturday, 8.21.2021. 

The next step is the removal of the piles of thatch and when completed, we will then start grading in the target greens, creating drainage basins, etc.

On 8.24.2021 we started shaping in the 150 & 185 yard target greens. In tandem with the grading in of the target greens, the grounds crew continues to remove the piles of thatch. The removal of the thatch piles is a large undertaking, but we hope to have it completed by 8.28.2021. 

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